Export & Trade Finance

Your Success Through Our Reliability

Letter of Credit

Our customers profit from our letters of credit and the security they provide for international trading activities. Through the minimization of payment risks, our customers remain safe during global import and export activities even if a transaction does not go as planned.

Due to the widespread use of letters of credit globally, they serve internationally active importers and exporters as standardized, secure payment agreements. The processing of this type of payment is subject to "Uniform Customs and Practices for Letters of Credit" (ERA) and guarantees a reliable execution of all transactions.

Varengold Bank acts as a reliable partner for all participants and guarantees the success of transactions up to sums of several hundred million euros.

Guarantee Business

As a German credit institute, we issue bank guarantees, which protect the guarantee recipients in the event of damage. This includes, for example, payout guarantees, deposit guarantees as well as delivery and service guarantees. The contract components recorded in a letter of guarantee are adjusted individually with you to your needs.

Structured Trade Finance

In the Structured Trade Finance department, we help with your international trading activities and support you in your international growth. Through the securing and efficient financing of your international trading transactions, we are able to provide an important contribution to the realization of your company goals. Here we work together with a variety of renowned service providers in the area of credit insurance.

Our structured trade finance services can be found in the areas of inventory financing, process financing and pre-export financing application. In this way, we allow our international customers optimal financing diversification through simplified access to financing and the guarantee of strategic acquisitions.

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