Structured Finance

Individual Solutions for the Highest Demands

Companies are constantly exposed to individual challenges which require customized financing structures. Varengold Bank specialists in the area of "Structured Finance" accompany the financing projects of small and medium stock-exchange-listed and private companies. Above all, we place value on close cooperation with our customers in order to guarantee an optimal structure of the solutions provided. Discretion and integrity also belong to our self-image like the constant pursuit of excellent service quality. The credits structured by Varengold Bank normally amount to at least 1 million euros and can run to several hundred million euros.

Leverage Finance

Varengold Bank supports investors with financing in connection with the purchase of companies or parts of companies. This does not only include classic take-over actions through other companies, but rather external investors (management buy in) and the previous management (management buy out) can also act as buyers.

Financial Advisory

Particularly in dynamic company environments, existing financing structures can now reach a high level of complexity. If required, our structured finance specialists will provide you with a wide spectrum of consultation services and analyse your current financing structures to show you independent possibilities for optimization so that you can develop your full corporate potential.

In all areas of structured finance, our partners can rely on our experienced expertise, which makes it possible for us to meet the most exacting of demands.

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