Banking-as-a-Service at Varengold Bank

We are specialists for Banking-as-a-Service products (BaaS) / Fronting Services with a focus on loans and financing solutions. Deposit products expand our portfolio.

With our own German full banking license, we help our partners throughout Europe in expanding their businesses. Our obvious advantage is the perfect symphony of our Banking-as-a-Service side with our refinancing.

If needed, we are able to take on all components of the process. From underwriting and payment transactions all the way to running and servicing. This way we are quick and effective in helping our partners to become productive without wasting their time or money.

Our services at a glance

Consumer Loans

With us, you can create all kinds of consumer loans and financing solutions. The consumer will be identified and Varengold Bank will enter a contract with them.

All communication and interactive processes will be handled by the cooperation partner in order to ensure a seamless integration into their product.

SME Loans

Financing of all kinds with different collateralisations is possible with us. We create room for the shaping of efficient and adequate processes to generate a real value for the borrower.

Buy-Now-Pay-Later (BNPL)

We offer BNPL for business clients as well as consumers. The cooperation partner has full control over the integration of all relevant systems and user interfaces while we take care of all the regulatory requirements and support our cooperation partner where needed.


Even though Factoring is considered a somewhat classic service, we aim to support our cooperation partner with reliable processes and offer our expertise in the areas of risk management, licensing and payment transactions.

Credit Cards

One of our specialties is the creation and extension of credit card loans for consumers and businesses. Furthermore, we can transform debit cards into credit cards and thus enable our cooperation partner to access a greater sales potential.


In licensed transactions, like leasing for example, we came up with product-specific integrations to enable the creation of modern and consumer friendly processes. In this Framework, Varengold Bank offers their own license to the cooperation partner and grants the opportunity to centralize the processing of all payment transactions.

White Label Call Money & Fixed Deposits

With regards to the current interest environment Varengold Bank enables the cooperation partner to offer Call Money and Fixed Deposits in an easy and consumer friendly way. Consumers obtain a deposit account to its full extend including the German deposit guarantee.

The cooperation partner is flexible in the determination of the interest paid and can adapt it completely to his design.

Contact & service

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