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Manage risks in international payment transactions

In foreign trade you are constantly confronted with challenges, such as contractual and punctual delivery, payment security, but also with political and economic changes. With our products and services, we help you to limit and manage the risks associated with your global payments.

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Import and export letters of credit>

Hedge some of your risks to ensure your success in international trade.

Greatest payment security

A proven tool to secure payments across national borders.

This is how it works: In accordance with the instructions provided by the client, the bank is obliged to make a payment, if appropriate documents are presented. Hedging via a letter of credit provides merchants with a high degree of certainty that they will receive the amounts due on the goods delivered. With a letter of credit, they can collect the money directly from the bank and do not have to approach the debtor.


Securing your commercial transaction

The issuing bank assumes the obligation to pay. In the case of an export or import letter of credit, the bank of the buyer guarantees that the invoice amount will be paid, if the conditions agreed in the letter of credit are met. Standardised terms ensure security during the settlement process.

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Bank Guarantees>

Using bank guarantees, you can prove to your international trading partners that you are dependable.

Our offer includes direct or indirect guarantees, payment guarantees, bank gurantees and delivery and performance guarantees, depending on what you want to secure.


Securing contractual and payment obligations, which you fulfil at a later date

Providing your customers and contractors with security gives you a competitive advantage.

For each transaction we will tailor-make a guarantee with you. Alternatively, we will make use of the standardised formulations of the ICC.


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Sell ​​individual receivables or an entire portfolio through factoring.

You can sell your receivables from goods and services delivered  without recourse. Your benefits: You have access to immediate liquidity without using your credit line. Your customer receives the payment according to the   agreed  terms. Depending on your needs, we will buy individual receivables or  an entire portfolio through factoring.

Provide your customers with secured payment terms and  help to increase their working capital. Accept a payment security for payments carried out at a later date. We forfeit your guarantee or your deferred payment letter of credit on more favourable terms than your partner can refinance themselves. This will increase your liquidity and boost your competitiveness.

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Debt collection>

The traditional instrument providing security: Step by step

This is how it works: The exporter submits all shipping documents to their bank, such as the commercial invoice, consignment note, insurance certificate and certificate of origin. The bank forwards the documents to the bank of the importer or to a correspondent bank. The bank of the customer (or the correspondent bank) checks the papers for  completeness. Goods documents and therefore the goods are only available if the buyer pays (Documents against Payment) or accepts the claim (Documents against Acceptance).

The collecting business is safer than an open claim and more cost effective than a letter of credit. However, the bank is only active as a trustee and does not assume any financial responsibility.


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Export financing>

Does your trading firm have both trading, customers and suppliers, but you lack interim financing?

We  handle your refinancing: the pre-financing, the provision of collateral, the granting of supplier or buyer credit or storage and transport financing.

We accompany you throughout the entire supply chain financing process. Together we will find an optimal solution from our offering. That's how our support will allow you to concentrate on your business.


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