Employee development at Varengold Bank

Move forward together

We want you to get even better with us! Is that also your goal? Then show it! We expect you to take personal responsibility for your own personal development. Our job as an employer is to support you in the best possible way. Therefore, we invest in your professional and personal development and promote both internal and external training. An important basis is the knowledge that we gain from our work in the OKR. We show the next steps, opportunities for advancement and perspectives in the annual staff meetings.


From corporate lawyer to authorized officer


“In 2010, I joined Varengold right after completing my studies as a lawyer specializing in commercial law. It was followed by exciting years, in which I could develop myself and work in a very versatile way. For example, I built up the company's human resources department over several years and was responsible for large-scale projects such as the corporate relaunch in 2018. Today I am one of the bank's authorized officers and Head of Corporate Development. In addition, I am responsible for the departments Investor Relations, Communications and Office Management. My willingness to familiarize myself with issues that are not always related to business law has been noticed and rewarded.”

Sanja Schultz-Szabo, Head of Corporate Development / Authorized Officer

The view of the bigger picture

We want you to look at the bigger picture. That's why we rely on know-how transfer between the teams. Only those who understand the entire process can develop ideas to make them even more efficient and achieve the best results for our customers. We regularly organize events that promote collaboration across teams and support our defined “No Silos” value.

Let us discover what is in you and move forward together!


OKR – a system that suits us

At Varengold we rely on the management system OKR (Objectives and Key Results). It supports the purposeful and modern staff management and it suits us perfectly!

A big advantage of the system is that we can all identify with the goals, because we helped to define them. While our board of directors sets the overall corporate goals, we draft the necessary milestones and key results within the team. All goals and key results are visible to everyone at all times. As a result, employees not only see themselves as "small cogs" in the bank's gearbox, but also experience how their performance contributes to the overall achievement of goals. With OKR we are able to encourage employees to contribute their own ideas and to quickly initiate visible changes.

Sustainability at Varengold

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