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92% | Institutional investors and business partner

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Varengold Bank AG

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Financial services

Initial public offering

20 March 2007.

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Amount of the share capital

9.315.634 EUR

Designated sponsor

Oddo Seydler Bank AG

Paying agent

Bankhaus Gebr. Martin AG


Baader Bank AG


Reasons to invest in Varengold

Reasons to invest in Varengold>

With their quick and easy loan processing, peer-to-peer platforms are revolutionising the financial services sector. They increasingly replace well-established banks, where many clients fall outside the target grid, due to their small loan size or risk profile. Varengold finances the fast and sustainable growth of these Fintechs and positions itself as the partner for the Marketplace Banking industry. The financial institution, whose portfolio includes all the products of a full-service bank, impresses above all with its streamlined and efficient structures.

Focus on the global growth market - Marketplace Banking>

With its focus on Marketplace Banking, Varengold is active in a market with huge growth rates. Experts estimate that the volume of 3.8 billion Euros placed in Europe via online platforms in 2017 will almost triple  to approximately 10.3 billion Euros in 2022. In Germany, an increase of 317 million Euros to 879 million Euros is expected for this period. Varengold sees great potential, especially in the Eastern European market. There, the active marketplaces are usually at the beginning of their life cycle and therefore offer particularly large growth opportunities. The branch in Bulgaria serves as a hub, from which Varengold will serve the entire Eastern European market. 

Additional earnings potential from sales proceeds>

Part of the credit agreement with the customer is a so-called “equity upside”. This gives Varengold the opportunity to acquire a certain number of shares in the Fintech (borrower) within a certain period of time at a fixed price. As a result, in addition to the traditional interest and commission income from the lending business, the bank realizes additional earnings potential from sales proceeds from equity investments. 

The supply of credit as an anchor product for customer acquisition>

Varengold has an excellent credit risk analysis and management. As a result, the bank is able to assess risks and has built a highly diversified loan book. This supply of credit serves as a  anchor product inorder to attract many individual customers.  

Contribution to Financial Inclusion>

More than 2 billion people worldwide still lack access to formal financial services. With the support of online marketplaces, Varengold is helping to make banking services available to people who have not had access to these services previously.





Bulgarian Credit Rating Agency (BCRA)

Mai 2018


Key figures


31.12.2016 in EUR

31.12.2017 in EUR

Key figures per share

Earnings per share



Market capitalization

14 612 760

17 575 497

Income statement

01.01. bis 31.12.2016

01.01. bis 31.12.2017

Net interest income

1 578

3 841

Net commission income

5 716

10 122

Net result of the trading portfolio

5 685


Other operating result

1 703


Income from investments/securities



Administrative expenses

-15 547

-13 421

Depreciation and value adjustments

-2 212


Result of the normal business activity

-2 523


Annual net profit/net loss

-1 486


Balance sheet



Balance sheet total

613 895

445 211


13 578

18 460

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